To ensure improved stability and quicker safety, the Micro-controller monitors the battery, load, main, output voltage, and charging.
For the computer to run uninterrupted, a quick changeover period is needed.
In key mode, broad and narrow range operation is possible:
The wide range process operates with AC voltages ranging from 130 to 280 volts (INV mode).
and limited range run between 170 and 265 volts alternating current (UPS mode).Temperature Regulated Fan Operation: A micro-controller controls the temperature and only switches on the fan when the temperature is high enough to warrant it.
Automatic Charge Control: The Charger ensures that the battery is fully charged and that the specific gravity is right.
pulse in 5 steps
Auto Reset: In the event of an Overload, the Auto Reset mechanism automatically resets the unit.Both basic protections such as mains high/low travel, reverse polarity protection with fuse, short circuit, over load trip, and battery low are included.
Front-panel monitor with full functionality and audio alarm:
Both service status and functions are shown on the front panel, which is LED and LCD based.


Features :

Sine Wave Based on DSP With Stable Output Voltage and Frequency
PWM Technology Based On Mosfets That Is More Effective.
Deep Discharged Battery Charging with Intelligent 5 Phase Pulse Charging.
Front-Panel LCD / LED Display with Full Functions.
In both charging and invert mode, there is no humming noise.


POWERTRON Sine Wave UPS systems are technologically advanced and can be referred to as true intelligent UPSs due to their advanced features that provide better than anticipated performance.

As a quality-conscious business, we have reputable organisations such as C-DOT, DOT, and others approve each and every item used in the production of our goods.

Our UPS Systems are distinguished by the POWERTRON Advanced MSP Super Charger’s unique charging mechanism, which increases battery life while requiring minimal maintenance.

With its ultra-quiet service, the POWERTRON Sine Wave System provides continuous protection for all of your precious appliances.

Both POWERTRON sine wave UPS systems have an intelligent control LCD display, making them extremely user-friendly and reducing the need for service visits.

  • DSP based sine wave UPS.
  • Fullfeatured LCD display.
  • Wide input mains operating range.
  • Intelligent 5 step charging.
  • Microcontroller based battery management.
  • Charges even deep discharged battery.
  • Fast switchover avoids rebooting of PCs.
  • Automotive / Tubular battery selector switch.
  • Aesthetic and elegant look.
  • Temperature controlled fan operation.
  • Audio alarms for low battery & over load.
  • No humming noise on both charging & inverter mode.
  • High efficiency UPS.
  • Auto reset for over load.


High-end Sine Wave UPS systems based on Powertron DSP are very powerful power backup systems for all forms of commercial establishments. This high-end UPS systems have controlled and balanced pure sine wave production, which is superior to grid and generator control.

POWERTRON DSP High-End sine wave UPS systems are a safer and better alternative to diesel generators, and are capable of providing continuous power to the most costly, complex, and responsive machinery when operating quietly.

Usage FOR: Small and large offices, showrooms and shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, schools and universities, clinics and hospitals, banks and ATMs, telecom and radio stations, BPOs, gas stations and business establishments, and so on.

  • Super silent operation.
  • MSP Charger for Extended Battery Life & Low Maintenance
  • Eco friendly & pollution free.
  • High efficiency along with reliable & regulated power.
  • Saves money with low running cost.
  • Uninterrupted power during power failure ( No startup delay)
  • Unmanned operation.
  • No need to stock or pour inflammable fuels & oils.
  • No Fuel license required.
  • Easy installation.

Small foot print.


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