ONLINE UPS / M Series / MHF Series Standalone

The Powertron Double conversion ON-LINE series with built-in galvanic isolation transformer provides the highest degree of protection against the largest range of power issues and can support any critical or noncritical load.

Due to the increased frequency and duration of power outages in India, UPS systems must be able to maintain essential loads for many hours. This necessitates a heavy-duty charger, which is why Powertron has created a high-efficiency heavy-duty IGBT charger with a PFC device capable of charging larger batteries to handle longer power cuts while also lowering electricity expenses.


One of the most advanced stand-alone on-line double-conversion UPS systems is the Power+ SA 10/20/30/40kVA. Surges, spikes, and sags are all part of commercial utility electricity. Power+ SA removes them all the time. Equipment and component life is shortened as a result of these anomalies. As a result of Power+ SA’s efficiency, your equipment’s life is extended.even when the input power system is steady and continuous during typical use The Power+ SA 20/30/40 kVA is a parallel redundant UPS that continues to run even if one of the power boards fails. The remaining power boards compensate for the missing board (within limits).


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